Actio PRO-C+
Actio PRO-C+

Actio PRO-C+

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Actio PRO-C is even more rugged and versatile than Actio PRO, with a redesigned T cable connection and the ability to add cell phone connectivity. 


Already have Actio PRO? No problem. Actio PRO and Actio PRO-C easily communicate with each other, and accessories are compatible across both products (only the USB Charging & Data Cable and T-Cable are different). Note, this modification can only be added by the distributor, not by users.

Powered with VERTIX™ technology, Actio PRO-C is the newest version on second generation of wireless noise-cancelling radios built for those who are on the jobsite day in and day out—serious support for cutting background noise and creating safer, more effective workplaces. Actio PRO-C is packed with features like increased range, extended battery life, additional users, and more!

- Powerful Noise Filter
- Hands-Free—No “Push to Talk”
- Up to 1650 Yds Total Range*
- All-Weather Usage
- Group Radio Up to 6 Users
- Unlimited Use with On-the-Go Power Connection
- No Earmuff Modification
- Ability to connect multiple teams with 2-way radio
- Use a Combination of Single-Speaker or Dual-Speaker Headsets

Actio PRO-C is specifically designed to kill background noise on heavy-industry job sites, including road construction, arbor work, line maintenance and electrical work, disaster relief, search and rescue operations and more!

What’s Included
- Actio PRO Radio
- Actio PRO Elastic Helmet Mount 
- Actio PRO Single-Speaker OR Dual-Speaker Headset with Waterproof Mic

- Actio PRO-C T-Cable
- Actio PRO-C USB Charging & Data Cable
- USB On-the-Go Charging Cable

All Actio PRO-C products are powered with VERTIX™ technology.

Helmet and Earmuffs NOT included.

* Up to 550 yds between 2 users with line of sight.
Total range for 6 users in daisy chain is up to 1650 yds.

View full list of specifications and warranty here.

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