How to shush a wood chipper...

Hearing is believing

This video starts off with an example of a standard noisy work site with wood chipper going strong – and it dominates everything – nobody is talking. Then, you’ll hear first hand what our intercoms can do – eliminating just about everything that would hinder communication.

Most folks think there are better places to have a conversation than around a wood chipper. However, imagine how much safer you could work if you could wave a magic wand and make the noise of the chipper, chainsaw and crane simply *go away*!

But wait, there's more...

See our accessories page if you need an extra Rockman ear muff, boom mic, or a split-tail 

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Bundle Walkthrough

Alex Kundrat (Speak Easy's founder) walks through 3 product offerings that make your work site safer, and your work day saner.

These amazing noise-cancelling intercoms come with the option to be pre-wired into your choice of hard hats with protective ear muffs. They are powered by Vertix™ Global's noise-cancelling technology - unique in that the algorithm is based on a heavy industry sound sample that Alex supplied to the manufacturer.

Easily talk over engine noise, chainsaws and more!

Simplifying your communication style

Keep both hands free! Allows for continuous listening to other team members. No cutting out, No waiting to speak - just talk and hear each other naturally. Supports multiple people talking simultaneously.