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Industrial Climber Twin Pack

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Speak Easy is proud to present this new combination of cutting-edge safety:  protecting your head from impacts while safeguarding your hearing from excessive noise!

When you want cutting-edge protection from impacts, you can do no finer than Rockman's RANGER™ helmet. Featuring their patented double-walled impact absorption system and German engineered "crashbox" technology.

The Crashbox works on the same principle as a crumple zone within a modern car - creating a special compressible space that can absorb energy before reaching the wearer's head.

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Then, combine that with our exclusive Vertix™ brand noise cancelling intercoms. You have to try these to believe them! 

  • Keep both hands free!
  • Allows for continuous listening to other team members
  • Full Duplex: No cutting out, No waiting to speak - just talk and hear each other naturally!
  • Stop Yelling! Be more professional
  • Talk around corners! Line of sight never necessary!
  • Supports multiple people talking simultaneously!
    (can connect teams of 2, 3 or 4 members)
  • Compatible with Bluetooth® *

Forever changing and simplifying your communication style - these complete-with-helmet systems are going to block out all the dangerous noise and create a communication layer that will allow for simultaneous talking between team members (this twin pack can be combined with one additional twin pack, allowing 4 team members to talk to each other!)

What's In the Industrial Climber's Twin Pack?

You're getting TWO, state of the art, Bluetooth® communication units that are going to revolutionize the way you work and play. These headsets are designed with leading-edge digital, noise-filtering communication technology.

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PLUS you're getting TWO Rockman™ RANGER brand helmets complete with noise cancelling muffs (21NRR), with a specialized earpiece and boom mic pre-wired into the muffs.

Who's it for?

  • Arborists and tree workers
  • Rock climbers
  • High-risk adventure team sports
  • Any place that's noisy and communication is CRITICAL
  • Any place where DISTANCE makes communication difficult

Unlike walkie talkies, channel interference is greatly minimized while communicating critical information as Speak Easy's system uses frequency hopping technology.

The Industrial Climber's Twin Pack system is designed to isolate and protect your hearing in difficult conditions while staying connected to the team, with perfect clarity. In essence, shutting out all the noise, while bringing critical instructions from team members into the forefront (right into your ear!) 


  • Vertix™ ACTIO Intercom (2)
  • VERTIX Elastic Mounting Strap (2)
  • VERTIX Charging & Data Cable (2 ea.)
  • Helmets (2) Rockman RANGER™ Systems:
    • includes muffs (21NRR)

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Warranty serviced by Speak Easy Communication Solutions, LLC of Cleveland, Ohio

1 year limited warranty from date of purchase. RAPTOR-I OPEN FACE SPEAKERS WITH BOOM MIC has a limited warranty of 90 days.

* Bluetooth® is a trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG Inc